1968   A handwritten account of Bachir Attar of the arrival of Brian Jones to the village of Jajouka

November 1972   Letter from the Imperial Khalifa of Tétouan to the Master Musicians of Jajouka

July 1989   Letter from Georges Bousquet to the Caid of Tatoft

August 1989   Letter from Joel Rubiner to Gene Rosenthal

February 1991   Letter from Paul Bowles to Frederick Robbes

March 1991   Fax from Timothy Leary to Frederick Robbes

August 1992   Postcard for the “Here to Go” Show in Dublin, Ireland

June 1994   To Whom It May Concern Letter from the Consulate General of Morocco

November 1994   Letter from William S. Burroughs to Cherie Nutting

July 1996   Letter from Jajouka producer Joel Rubiner to Frank Rynne and Joe Ambrose on Mohamed Hamri and "Joujouka".

May 2009   Official statement of Bachir Attar and the Master Musicians of Jajouka regarding “Joujouka” and recent events held in our village

January 2013  The resume of Bachir Attar of the Master Musicians of Jajouka on tagsup.com